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These Luxurious Italian Made Sneakers Are A Steal For $250

If you’re living in 2020 and don’t own a pair of these sneakers then you ought to take a good hard look at yourself. The classic white leather ‘luxe’ men’s sneaker is without a doubt the hottest and easiest to wear fashion accessory for men. Why? If worn correctly and kept clean you can wear them with almost anything. Yes, even suits.

Now, not all-white sneakers are created equal. You have cheap ‘made in china’ ones; you have decent ‘made in Portugal’ ones and then you have these ‘made in Italy’ ones. Scarosso is a boutique and affordable men’s footwear label making handcrafted kicks without the high price tag. 

Their classic white leather sneakers are without a doubt the best looking sneakers for under $250 on the market today. Sure: you have cheaper ones like Oliver Cabell for $178, but these have an added touch of luxury with soft and supple leather that will wear well. These kicks are somewhat reminiscent of a Christian Louboutin’s. Which we love. 

Head on over to Bombinate to scoop a pair while they have a fully stocked range of sizes. 

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