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This $120 Workout Top Is The Coolest Money Can Buy

Cooler than cool, but it will keep you warmer than warm.

It’s only March, yet I bet you’re already starting to struggle with your New Year’s resolution of getting as fit as a fiddle. It’s understandable, you’re probably back at work, swamped with a myriad of different things you need to follow up on and dry January is well and truly over so you’re spending your evenings getting on the tins. So how does one get remotivated to get back into the routine of being a fitness fanatic? The simple answer is to buy some new workout gear.

Nothing gets you more excited to workout than some new kit and this Asics x Reigning Champ Running Crewneck might be just the thing you need. It’s designed specifically for running, but really you can use it for anything. It’s made from a mid-weight, stretch technical weave treated fabric meaning it will keep the wind and cold out all whilst being breathable and comfortable. Most importantly, it looks super slick so you’ll not only feel good on that morning jog, but you’ll also look equally as good. It’s also the perfect travel companion as it’s versatile and super lightweight.

Priced at $120, it’s well worth it, considering how much you’ll now want to start exercising. It’s not simply an investment in your wellbeing, it’s also an investment in your style.

Shop Asics x Reigning Champ Running Crewneck $120

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