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The $199 Fleshlight Sex Toy Every Single Man Needs Right Now

Stroke of genius.

My father always says, ‘Hunger makes raw beans sweet’, and right now many single men out there will be experiencing deep and long hunger. But don’t let self-isolation keep you from your manly urges, instead invest in this affordable solution for guys all around the globe.

Enter the Fleshlight Launch: the most highly regarded pleasure machine (backed by the fact that over 12 million have been sold). The Fleshlight Launch automatically strokes your member at up to 180 strokes per minute, controlling the length of the stroke for the most pleasurable sensation. You can even sync it with encoded VR content for an earth-shattering experience. And if that’s not enough you can customise your Fleshlight Launch with exclusive Pornstar ‘add-ons’ to help your wildest fantasies come true.

Given there’s almost zero chance of you going on a date anytime soon, the Fleshlight Launch could be the saviour you’ve been looking for. Just be warned you may never leave the house again.

Shop Fleshlight Launch $199 (Free Shipping)

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The playbook for the modern man

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