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You Can Now Buy James Bond’s Iconic Sweater From No Time To Die

The names Bond, James Bond.

It’s safe to say excitement is high, the release of Bond 25, ‘No Time To Die’ is only a month away and everything we’ve seen so far suggests it might be one of Craig’s best movies yet. Amongst many great things Craig has done for the franchise, a standout is defintely his dress sense. He’s taken Bond’s reputation for dressing well to all new heights, unfortunately though, he typically dons suits that are well out of budget or swimmer that’s price would make your eyes water. This latest offering from long time Bond supplier N.Peal however, might be the most affordable (relatively) and coolest Bond clothing you can score that features in the upcoming No Time To Die.

If you haven’t heard of N.Peal before, they make prolifically good basics for men and women, most famous for their cashmere collection. For quite some time they have been supply clothing to the Bond franchise, from polos to turtle necks, it’s safe to say they’re a bonified Bond brand and are likley the place a real life Bond would source his basics from. 

This sweater, however, is far from basic and was custom designed for the film and references Bond’s own heritage as an officer in the Royal Navy. It features ribbing and canvas patches, as well as a maritime style neck all made from a a mix of 90% superfine Merino wool 10% cashmere.  

Priced at £345 (circa $440), it’s one of the cheapest items of Bond clothing you can score yourself and it might be one of the coolest too. 

Shop N.Peal 007 Ribbed Army Sweater £345

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