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This $300 Soundbar Is The Perfect Alternative To Going To The Movies

Take the cinema home.

The reality of the COVID-19 pandemic we’re currently facing is that were going to be spending a lot more time at home and to be honest this is no bad thing … if you’re prepared. And to be truly prepared you’ll need this, JBL’s Bar Studio Soundbar which will turn any home into a movie theatre.

With JBL’s surround sound technology bringing the Cinema home is a real possibility, especially when you pair it with the soundbar’s dual bass port design that can truly help amplify the audio experience of any video or film. It all connects to your TV via one HDMI cable and also has Bluetooth ablities meaning you can also use it as a speaker. 

Priced at A$299, it’s a very affordable soundbar that will signifigantly improve your home audio experience as well as the perfect speaker for parties or hangouts. If you’re going to be quaratined, nows the time to invest in it.

Shop JBL Bar Studio Soundbar A$299

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