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These $145 Board Shorts Are Designed, Developed & Worn By Kelly Slater

A combination you’d never believe.

Boardies aren’t typically something you’d consider luxurious, nor would you consider them especially flattering. A man by the name of Kelly Slater has decided differently and has produced a pair of boardies that is not only luxurious and flattering but also revolutionary.

Kelly Slater is best known for his unbelievable surfing abilities, having won an unprecedented 11 World Surfing League titles and he’s still going. Since he has such a passion for surfing and the ocean, Kelly started Outerknown, a clothing brand that puts the people who make the clothing and the environment first. The brand produces clothing with minimal impact on the environment, whilst also holding high ethical production standards. Not only is the production of the clothing planet and people-friendly, but their designs are timeless and stylish.

Designed and developed by Kelly Slater himself, the Apex boardshorts are made from a recycled, 4-way strech polyester that will keep you comfortable and allow you to move freely. They also feature welded seams, meaning you’ll no longer have to deal with chafing and they’ll dry super quick. If you’re looking to take your beach outings to the next level, you really can’t look past the Apex board shorts. 

You’d expect to pay a pretty penny and you do, they’ll set you back $145. Whilst that might seem steep, considering you’ll be wearing the same boardshorts as Kelly Slater, it’s not all bad news.

Shop Outerknown Apex Trunks $145

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