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This $248 ‘Blazer’ Is The Ultimate Travel Jacket

Take your travel to new heights.

Travelling is a fine art and those who have commited to mastering it understand that any small improvement can make the experience far, far better. On initial thought, suitcases and phone chargers might be the things you first want to optimise, but what about what you wear? Surely the clothes you travel in should be the first port of call for anyone wanting to improve their travel experience. When Lululemon and Robert Geller decided to collaborate they realised this and produced possibly the perfect travel jacket, the ‘Take The Moment Travel Jacket’.

Made from a lightweight, technical weave nylon elastine fabric, the Take The Moment Travel Jacket is immensly comfortable but won’t wrinkle when you’re sitting for extended periods. It will also clean easily should you happen to spill any of your in-flight delicacies on it and has two large pockets for you to fill up with your duty-free shopping. 

It isn’t all funtion though, it also looks great and can be worn like a traditional blazer or as a chore jacket. Additionally if you’re wanting to look sharper you can rock it in all black, turn it inside out however and there are some colourful taped seams for you to show for more casual circumstances. Priced at $248, it’s a small price to pay for the ultimate travel jacket.

Shop Lululemon x Robert Geller Take The Moment Travel Jacket $248

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