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Australia’s Most Iconic Footwear Brand Just Dropped Their Own Line Of Men’s Sneakers

Goodbye boots.

When you think R.M. Williams the last thing you’d think of is sneakers. Boots is obviously the first thing that comes to mind, dress shoes perhaps, but sneakers? No way. In light of the world’s current lust for white sneakes, they’ve now proved us all wrong and are now making them…

Named the ‘Surry Sneakers’, they’re the first modern sneakers the Australian boot manufacturer has offered. Available in black, white, navy and tan there are a selection of colours to please the chino and ralph lauren shirt wearing demographic that bows down to their boots.

They have a simple and minimalist silhouette that we’ve come to expect from great white sneakers these days.Whilst they might seem like ‘normal’ white sneakers, all the shoes have a tan lining on all of the colourways and use of R.M.’s yearling leather. Priced at $295 they’re definetly not the cheapest white sneakers available, I do suspect however, they’ll be tremendously good quality, much like the boots and will last far longer than their more exotic or affordable counterparts. No doubt if you’re a lover of the brand or durability you’ll be scoring yourself a pair.

Shop R.M. Williams Surry Sneakers A$295 US$245

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    11/10 would wear for my rounds at RPA


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