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This $149 Sparkling Mineral Water Kit Is A Self-Isolation Must-Have

Same same but better.

For some sparkling water is the work of the devil, for others it’s the sweet nectar of the gods. If you’re the latter you’ll no doubt appreciate that sparkling water is the perfect resfreshing drink and a more interesting alternative to normal water. The main issue with sparkling water isn’t with the drink itself, it’s the wastage of plastic bottles that is so detrimental so the environment. No doubt you’ve heard of Soda Stream and nows the time to score one.

Whilst your about to lock yourself down in light of the current global pandemic, you’ll probably not be able to go out and score your fix of sparkling water. Instead, save the environment and your bank account with a Soda Stream which can be yours for a mere $149 for a complete set. It includes two cannisters, a Spirit One Touch, 0 calorie fruit drops and BPA free bottles.

Whilst it might seem a little steep upfront, to buy 120 litres of sparkling water it would cost $320, some $170 more than the soda stream itself, making it quite the steal.

Shop Soda Stream Sparkling Water Maker Bundle $149

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