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This $500 Linen Suit Will Keep You Looking & Feeling Cool This Summer

Looking cool, feeling cooler.

Possibly one of the worst part about work in summer is donning your suit and spending all day in. Oftentimes you feel like you’re stuck in a car with the heater on full blast and you can’t just turn it off. If this unpleasantry is something had to endure you’ll know how awful it feels. There is however a solution, and Suitsupply has mastered it.

Whilst you might be fooled into thinking this is just ‘some’ linen suit, it isn’t. Unlike the suits worn by Don Johnson, Suitsupply’s Havana linen suit has a slimmer, more sophisticated look, making it perfect for work or play. It is also especially cool in this blue check pattern you’ll be the best dressed gent in any room.

Whether you want to rock it with white sneakers and a t-shirt or with some loafers and a sharp shirt and tie combo, the possibilities of where you can wear this suit are seemingly endless. Combine all of this and the $499 is rather reasonable.

Shop Suitsupply Havana Navy Check Suit $499

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