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This $399 ‘Massage Gun’ Is An At Home Physio & Is Now On Sale

Make the best out of a bad situation.

Over the coming weeks and months it’s going to be rather difficult to get your fix of physiotherapy, for some this is a pain for others it’s going to make life a whole lot harder. When you also consider we’ll be confined to our houses quite a lot there is a good chance you’ll be getting sore from sitting and lounging all the time with limited exercise. Obviously heading to the physio will also become harder as draconian laws ramp up, but there is however a solution, Theragun’s G3.

No doubt you’ve seen these online before and to be frank they look like some sort of extreme sex toy. Looks aside however, they work really well and do a great deal to help loosen up tight areas and can also  be a great assistant to any warm up or cool down. Basically the G3 is like a mini jackhammer and uses 16mm repetitive strokes (40 a second) to help loosen and stimulate muscles and tendons. It has two different speeds and a range of attachments so you can loosen up large areas or target specific tight spots. 

Typically they’re priced at $399, but you can currently score it for $349 which is a lot cheaper than regularly going to the physio. Really there is no better time to get one as you’ll soon be stuck inside.

Shop Theragun G3 $399 $349

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