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This $80 ‘White Noise’ Sound Machine Will Drown Out Any Zombies

Sleep like a baby.

Something that is key to recovering from any form of illness is rest and the best rest comes in the form of sleep. Sleep is a hard art to master and many of us for one reason or another really struggle with it and Snooz’s White Noise Sound Machine was made to ensure you can get one step closer to the perfect sleep.

If you haven’t heard of ‘white noise’ before its basically reduced the different between backgroud noise and other harsh noises like a door slamming to help you have a prolonged deep sleep. It sounds somewhat like a fan or being on the aeroplane and it has actually proven to help improve sleep quality. Unlike a video or audio recording the Snooz’s White Noise Machine produces a very high quality audio sound, additionally you can use an app to adjust the volume and type of sound.

Priced at $79 it’s a small price to pay for quality sleep and it might help you get the edge on any virus you may or may not catch.

Shop Snooz White Noise Sound Machine $79

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