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These $162 Trousers Are Perfect For Working From Home

Comfort without compromise.

As pretty much all the planet is now working from home and is going to be for the foreseeable future it’s time to adopt the perfect work from home uniform. It still needs to be sophisticated enough to make you feel like you’re at work, but should be comfortable since you’re in your own home. Pants or trousers typically come in two guises, formal and casual. Formal pants are typically more structured, have a tailored fit and are typically confined to the office or formal occasions. Casual pants, on the other hand, are like jeans. They can be somewhat dressed up but have their limitations. What if you could combine these two types of pants, so they’re versatile enough for work or play? L’Estrange London has done just this with their 24 trouser and boy are they perfect for working from home.

Constructed from a cotton blend that has structure but still stretches, with an internal drawstring and a fastening tab, the 24 trouser is formal enough to wear to a meeting with a business shirt and blazer yet casual enough to pair with a plain t-shirt and sneakers. They’re formal but not stuffy, corporate yet still casual and they’re the perfect trouser for work or play. 

Above all else, L’Estrange values build quality and timeless design that overpowers consumerism and it’s rapid consumption. You can rest assured not only will these trousers go the distance, but they’ll remain a staple for years to come. Available in a range of colours, there will be one to match your closets colour scheme and the tailored, slim fit is the perfect middle ground between too tight and too loose. For $162, these trousers are a bargain considering their immense capabilities. 

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