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Bill Gates’ $88 Watch Is Perfect ‘For These Uncertain Times’

Everything you’d ever need and nothing more.

According to Business Insider, Bill Gates started the year with a net worth in the region of $96.3 Billion USD. No doubt that has fluctuated with the current pandemic the world is battling, however, there is no doubt he isn’t short on cash. With such a large fortune, Bill really could afford any watch he desired and it wouldn’t even make a dent, however, rather interestingly he chooses to rock this, an $47 Casio Sports MDV106-1A more commonly known as the ‘Marlin’.


Bill is obviously a rather switched on man and even had the foresight to predict such a devastating pandemic like the one we’re currently facing some 5 years ago. It is also interesting then that his humble $47 watch could be the perfect watch for the tumultuous times we currently find ourselves in. 

First and foremost, it’s affordable. $47 isn’t going to break the bank and in times like these, thats rather important. The case is made from stainless steel, meaning it will be ultra-durable. Pair that with a 200m water resistance, a cool rubber strap and a reliable quartz movement and it will reliably tell you the time no matter where you are, underwater or on land. It also has a rotating divers bezel to help you time things from cooking to runs. If you are looking for a watch to face these uncertain times head on, the Casio Marlin might be the perfect pick. 

Shop Casio Marlin US$47 / A$87

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