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This $87 Camo Apron Is The Most Stylish Way To BBQ

Worst comes to worst you can wear it in the kitchen.

Whilst you might cook rather often (or not), you probably don’t think about looking cool whilst you cook, but now you can. The humble cooking apron has been around for centuries to protect chefs clothing from spillages that might occur whilst cooking or baking and really hasn’t evolved much throughout its lifetime.

In recent years there has been a surge in popularity for utilitarian clothing including items like overalls and utility vests which were formally only reserved for painters and your grandad on his fly fishing expeditions. Considering this trend, perhaps aprons are the next utilitarian clothing trend? It wouldn’t be the first time aprons have been worn for style purposes as the Egyptian Pharaohs used to wear jewel-encrusted aprons.

If they are to be the next big thing, then this camouflage number from Hedley-Bennett is likely to be a hit and will only set you back $87. Worst comes to worst, you can always wear it in the kitchen.

Shop Hedley & Bennet Alder Classic Apron In Camo $87

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