German Artist Reveals Scary Impression Of Post Virus World

Artist's impression.

No one wants to be reminded of nature’s scythe. But we’ve all had that rude awakening. Now we know how our ancestor’s felt when a plague came to call.

Creature comforts be damned: unless you have someone to fetch your shopping, you’re at risk.

This has its obvious downsides. It also has silver linings, with Venice regaining its magic, Australian couples experiencing unprecedented levels of (as the scientists put it) ‘doinking’ and singles taking the chance to (digitally) reconnect with friends, family and even themselves while in lockdown.

Then there are the creepy implications: something German artist Timo Helgert, known on Instagram as Vacades, has been exploring of late with tech-infused realism.

From meadow filled Brooklyn trains…

… as well as a nature-reclaimed Taj Mahal…


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The last few months have revealed the ups and downs of Timo’s mental state (much like the rest of us) as the worldwide pandemic has ratcheted up notch by notch.

Creepy as they are: you’ve got to admit the guy has talent. A read of his website also reveals he’s got his heart in the right place too, with Timo writing: “The idea behind [this project] was to support the people who are suffering during the hard times.”

“While media is creating fear and anxiety, I wanted to do the opposite, create hope and inspire everyone who is locked at home, unable to go out and enjoy nature.”

Let’s just hope this situation gets sorted out before things really do get like this (and before your annoying neighbour gets his whipper snipper out on the train).

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