Mick Fanning’s Bodyweight Workout Will Get You Savagely Ripped

Spartan strength.

What would you do for a surfer’s body? Broad shoulders, narrow waist, ferociously cut rig – and that’s just if you want to look like one of the scurvy ridden dole bludgers. The professionals take it to a whole new level, and there’s no better example than Mick Fanning.

The three-time World Champion retired from the tour in 2018. However, in terms of free surfing, Mick is still killing it, chasing waves around the world for Rip Curl’s free surfing project The Search.

The same goes for his fitness: having doubled down on his workout routine over the last nine months to come back from a knee injury, the man they call ‘White Lightning’ now appears to be back in mint condition.

Case in point: the above 25-minute workout home-workout video. Whether you surf or not, it’s an absolute must-try. Why? If you’re the sort of person who already has bulk, it’s perfect for getting loose and switching up your routine.

If you’re a surfer, it’s perfect for maintaining your fitness and building a bit of water-relevant strength.

No matter who you are, it will help you grow your stabilising muscles and reduce your chances of injury (not to mention boosting your mental health if you’re stuck at home).

All you need is a matt, an exercise ball and a foam roller (which can be substituted for a water bottle). The first 10 minutes of the workout involve warming up your ankles, knees, hips, arms and core.

There are also leg swings, ground crouches, downward dogs, hip openers, and a couple of lunge variations.

The real workout, though, starts 10 minutes 30 seconds in, where Mick shows you how to do different kinds of squats, wood chops, split squats, sit-ups and push-ups, all adapted for surfing.

While we can’t guarantee it will get you a World Title or help you box a great white shark, it’ll help keep your isolation rigs well oiled while we wait out the lockdown.

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