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The $129 Device Will Give You Abs Without Getting Off The Sofa

Get abs by never leaving the house.

We’re currently all being forced to stay indoors for the forseeable future, and that will likely have an effect on the fitness of many workout worriors. Working out at home isn’t always the easiest, not only do you need to motivation first, but you need the space and/or equipment second. And we’d all like an easy life, right? That’s an ab-belt can come in, and this one from Slendertone is one of the best.

It works by stimulating the nerves of your muscles directly, which in turns stimulates the muscles, causing them to contract. All four abdominal muscle zones are targeted, and Slendertone says a 20 minute session is all you need each day to get them toned up. Don’t expect big results overnight though, but after a six-week course you should start seeing results. And considering you’re likely going to be cooped up at home for that long, there’s never been a better time to try it. 

Priced at $129 it’s an affordable way of skipping ab crunches and planks, to help give you that washboard look you’ve always dreamed of. 

Shop Corefit Training Belt $129

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