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This $45 Training ‘Hack’ Will Maximise Home Workout Gains

For when every little bit counts.

Now that the vast majority of us are now confined to working out in our homes without access to gyms, we’re trying to maximise any and all workouts we can. Whether you’ve got a small body-weight circuit planned or are simply going on a jog, working out is now harder than ever. In light of this, many of us are having to think outside of the box to ensure that the workouts we are able to do are optimised to ensure when the pandemic is over we’re in just as good shape and this $45 elevation training mask might help challenge you that little bit more.

The way it works is it restricts the amount of air you can breathe in, lowering the quantity of oxygen you intake with each breath, similar to being at high altitude where the air is thinner. This means your lungs have to work harder to supply your body with the required amount of oxygen and hence all exercise you do seems and is a lot harder than it normally would be. 

Priced at $45 it’s a very affordable way of helping you keep fit when your workout options are limited and will help ensure you’re in fighting shape for when things return to normal.

Shop Training Mask 2.0 $45

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