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These $132 Violet Converse Are Summer’s Must-Have High-Top

Pumped up pastel kicks.

Converse Chuck Taylors have remained a menswear staple for years with their iconic silhouette being worn by anyone from angsty teenagers to high-flying businessmen on their off-days. They have become so synonymous with men’s footwear that they’re available in a seriously wide range of colours, patterns and styles, so finding a pair to complement your look is easy.

This violet pair may stray a little from the ‘safe’ path of white, black and navy, but with summer approaching, a pastel-coloured pair of Converse is almost a necessity. Plus, they’re the high-top version, which only adds to their coolness.

They’re part of the company’s ‘All Star 70’ line, meaning they’re based on the original design used in basketball in the 1970s. It also brings with it features such as an “extra cushy” insole for optimum support and 12oz stitching to keep them from breaking down after a few uses, they’re the perfect daily wearer. Combine them with a pair of tailored shorts and a t-shirt, or swap out for a pair of jeans when the sun goes down and you’ll have yourself a stylish summer outfit.

Buy The Violet Converse High-Top $132

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