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Score 66% Off Fossil’s Very Affordable Google Powered Silicon Sport Smartwatch

Affordable fitness fashion.

We’re surely all aware of smartwatches and fitness trackers, and the positive effect they can have on our health. Having a personal digital assistant keeps us accountable for our workouts and can help to motivate us to stay in shape. Finding one that works for you though is no easy task, since the market is flooded with them.

The decision making just got a whole lot easier though thanks to Fossil, as it has knocked a huge 66 per cent off its Sport Smartwatch, bringing the price down to $99. For that low low price you get an awful lot, most prominently a smartwatch powered by Google’s Wear OS platform, giving you full access to the Play Store of apps and services.

It means that not only will this smartwatch track your daily fitness goals and workouts, including distance covered and your heart rate thanks to a built-in monitor, but it can show you notifications for messages, e-mail and any social media apps you have installed on your phone. Information is displayed on a screen set within the 43mm case and you can even change the strap, should you wish, to anything that fits the 22mm lug width. 

So what are you waiting for, those fitness goals won’t be smashed on their own. And while you’re browsing the Fossil online store, check out some of the other styles as some select models could be eligible for an extra 50% off using the code EXTRA50. 

Buy The Fossil Sport Smartwatch $99

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