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‘Today’s Office’ Hashtag Reveals Australia’s Guiltiest WFH Habits

#workfromhome and #lockdownlife are equally revealing…

For freelancers, working from home isn’t a big deal. It’s got its pros and cons: you’re less productive than you would be in an office, but you can spend more time with your pets.

But from the way many (former) Office Warriors have been behaving during social distancing, you’d think that working from home was high torture. Australians have been going a bit loopy during lockdown, it seems, and social media hashtags like #todaysoffice, #workfromhome, #lockdownlife and so on have exposed the lengths some punters are going to in order to keep sane.


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Today’s office #wfalife #todaysoffice #CarpeDiem

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It’s not a bad idea to stretch your legs and leave the home office once in a while – working outside is a great way to make sure you get some Vitamin D, fresh air and headspace. This bloke’s taken that idea a little too far, however. Crescent Head’s coastal breezes might be refreshing but surely all that wind would make teleconferencing a total nightmare.


And they say men can’t multitask! Having to both homeschool your kids and remain productive for work at the same time is a challenge, but it’s good to see some Aussies are rising to the occasion.

Unfortunately, not everyone is succeeding in their work from home habits, with one Aussie succumbing to the refrigerator’s siren call…

… another committing the cardinal sin of boasting of her view (does it get more ~Sydney~?) on social media rather than working…

… and others wiling the day away on Netflix.

Of course, all this pales in comparison with the Australian couples in the honeymoon stage of their relationship, who, as we recently reported, benefitted most from lockdown.

In any case, it’s all entertaining, right?

Something that’s been the opposite of entertaining, however, is the absolute onslaught of inspirational quotes from two-bit influencers flooding any ‘Work From Home’ hashtag. And it’s not just Australian influencers doing this… Check out this lad from India:


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“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to stand in front of their expensive German car.”

Or what about this Dutch influencer:


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It must be hard trying to work from home when you can’t help but ogle yourself every time you pass a reflective surface (to be fair, we’re probably all guilty of this).

Oh and, of course, in America, we have the Duracell Bunnies (apparently) taking their one-hour lunch break for a ride (under the hashtag ‘work from home’ no less)…


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Who knows, maybe letting people have a bit more freedom is good for productivity?

But that’s a topic for another day: for now, let’s hope restrictions continue to ease so we get some better content in our feeds.

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