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Dan Bilzerian’s ‘Bikini Army’ Reveals Everything That’s Wrong With The US Right Now

It seems no-one has read him the riot act.

Look at any newspaper right now and you’ll be presented with reports from America regarding the riots started in the wake of the death of George Floyd. It’s a terrible situation and one that has resonated around the world, but in some ways, we shouldn’t see it as surprising news because of America’s long-running history with racism.

Another thing that shouldn’t surprise you is the behaviour of self-styled playboy Dan Bilzerian, during said riots. It’s peak Bilzerian if we’re honest.

The man who doesn’t seem to give two shits about anything yesterday posted a few videos to his Instagram story and they make for typical Bilzerian viewing. Not only is there the usual abundance of women in bikinis, but one of them is looking out the front of one of his mansions holding a machine gun, Rear Window style.


We’re not sure whether he’s preparing a bikini army in case the riots somehow find their way to his area, whether he’s deliberately provoking people by posting in bad taste or whether he simply doesn’t know what goes on beyond his four walls (if there aren’t’ any bikini-clad women involved, maybe it doesn’t pop up on his radar).


Following the quick video of his personal bodyguard lounging around, Dan posted two more quick clips of scantily-clad ladies hanging out in his mansion. He’s already shown us how he’s been spending his time in lockdown, lounging around by his pool with girls on jet skis, because why not?



Despite the pandemic still raging on in America – where there are now nearly two million reported cases and 108,000 deaths at the time of writing – Dan says ‘up yours’ to social distancing laws, no doubt claiming it’s a free country so he can do whatever he damn well pleases.

It sums up America’s blaśe attitude perfectly and comes hot on the heels of the wild parties that took place in Missouri just recently, themselves a reminder than America certainly likes to do things differently, and won’t let a government they don’t support tell them what to do.

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  • Concerned Citizen

    Possibly one of the most ignorant articles I have ever read. The woman is not “holding a machine gun”, it’s a semi-automatic marksman rifle. But the again you’re so clueless while trying to push a narrative that I wouldn’t even expect you to know the difference. You might want to reevaluate your career choice.

  • James

    Sorry for triggering you. However, I feel you’ve missed the mark. If you have a specific criticism of said ‘narrative’ we’d love to discuss it.

  • Steve Sanders

    Nah; he is right…anyone that wakes up during these times and decides they need to write an article about Dan isn’t a journalist first off all. Second, anyone that uses dan as a model for the rest of us needs their head checked.

    Good work, you worked hard!

  • TheLazyWanker

    All of those bikini girls are part of Dan’s entourage. Same as any group that shares a household. Social distancing does not apply. Your 2A gripe is laughable.

  • David O’Connell

    to be real, this entire website is what’s wrong with the US! I mean come on! everything is promoting the fake lifestyle that most people don’t have.

  • david spencer

    At least I get to see Dam sexy women.And I do like the rifle. The rest -who gives a shit.

  • drquest

    waaaat? Dan is king of the douche bros!

  • bigdog

    who is Dan Bilzerian?

  • just sayin

    the problem I have with the article is that no press is bad press – its bad enough I have to see this douche bag almost daily, usually in memes – it doesnt matter you dont have a good opinion of the guy, or the culture that supports it – you are helping him get exposure and that is paramount

  • Mark Madigan

    slow news day I guess…but only here…

  • James
  • Triplemito

    So you’re jealous?

  • Jay Deuitch

    I’m not necessarily one to defend Bilzerian, but you do realize the woman in the bikini is just looking through the scope of an empty rifle, right? The magazine is laying in her lap.

  • Call it like I see it

    How can anyone be surprised? The whole site is clickbait garbage that caters to the lowest common denominator of human curiosity and interaction. I’m just sorry I landed here from an offsite article. A mistake I won’t make again.

  • Stephen Burt

    Why do you all care. It doesn’t seem like he is after your sister or mom so let it ride. Really when you get down to it envy is really ugly. Go out, make big bucks get your entourage, be happy if that is what you want. Grow up.

  • Stuart Hartley

    Yeah he planned and directed the shoot. Cancel the people behind the scenes who organised this. The cattle didn’t do it

  • Robert Orwell

    A pathetic sad sod, although rich, muscled and somehow worshipped by even sadder men than himself.

  • Robert Orwell

    I somewhat agree with you, although I dare say he got a very bad exposure downhill in South America.

  • Robert Orwell

    You do know Bilzerian hasn’t got out and made big bucks, right? He inherited his fortune from his dad. Yes, he may have made it grow, but he didn’t start from nothing. So cut your bullshit out, would you?

  • Skip Freeman

    Good to see there are still nice people in the world!

  • Skip Freeman

    Who the fuck cares, he’s living his life the way he wants to, and it has zero bearing on your life. Let the man live it the way he wants and get on with yours. How the fuck did I end up here anyway.. .


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