Passenger's Rude Act Proves Why Economy Air Travel Will Never Be Hygienic

"Call the Air Marshalls."

Image: Business Traveller

There’s rude, there’s Charlie Sheen’s mug after a night out and then there’s this. An economy passenger has been caught wiping their feet on the ceiling of what appears to be an Illinois bound plane, captured by Chicago-based Instagram user @_eddybaby and shared by sports and pop culture blog Bar Stool Sports on Friday.

If it wasn’t so horrendous it would almost be funny.


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Had to air those bad boys out @kfcradio (Via @_eddybaby)

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In the comments beneath the post, many Bar Stool fans shared our indignation. From “federal crime” to “put em on the no fly list” the insults came thick and outraged.

Some took it more tongue in cheek (piss in pants?), writing, “I’m a window man. Gotta have my sleep but sucks for the isle guy cause when I wake up I’m drinking 10 beers and pissing every 15-20min lol.”

Then shit got real, with one user writing: “And we wonder why COVID is a thing.”

Though this was just a quip, it highlights a serious issue: it’s not the first time passengers have committed crimes against decency in the Guantanamo-end of the plane.

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While this behavior was rude in the past, right now it’s incredibly selfish. And without getting all  ‘letting the team’ down on you, if this picture really was taken recently (we have no reason to think it wasn’t) then whoever owns that pair of feet needs their head (and perhaps their toenails) examining.

Thanks for coming to our Ted Talk and – in future – keep your feet to your damn self. Yours sincerely, humanity.

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