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Mike Tyson’s Embarrassing Faux Pas Shows Difference Between ‘Made In USA’ & ‘Made In China’

What’s that made of? Kevlar?

Mike Tyson never fails to be entertaining. Whether he’s biting off ears or starring in an animated Scooby-Doo parody, ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ is a character so strange and so controversial that it’s hard to believe he actually exists.

In recent years, he appears to have returned to a career in professional wrestling – a domain for which his larger-than-life persona (and reputation) provide ideal cannon fodder. Many boxers have had stints in pro wrestling, some with mixed success. Tyson’s a notable exception – hell, he’s a member of the WWE Hall of Fame – and his antics never fail to disappoint. Case in point:


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If we just ignore Tyson’s peacocking for a second… What the f**k is that shirt made out of? Kevlar? I’m no world champion boxer but even I could rip out of most of my t-shirts if I was tugging on them like that.

This crazy moment was sparked by MC Chris Jericho demanding an apology from Tyson for his brutal knockout in 2010. The confrontation escalated into a brawl, with both Tyson’s posse as well as AEW staff climbing into the ring to join the fray.


But back to the more important issue: I want to know where Tyson’s getting his merch printed. That’s gotta be some Fruit of the Loom or American Apparel joint. Clearly he’s not skimping on any cheap Chinese t-shirt blanks.

Kudos to Tyson for wearing quality t-shirts… Although next time, maybe choose a cheaper brand if you’re looking to pull off theatrics like that.

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