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Australian Commando Proves Why Looking After Your Mind Is Key To Your Strength

Take a long hard look at yourself.

With The Pandemic forcing us to take a different approach to fitness these past few months, we imagine residents are going to come out of quarantine in one of two ways: either just as fit (or potentially fitter) as before, or the complete opposite, with any gains made in the months leading up to lockdown being ruined.

One man who is definitely in the former camp is former commando and mega-fit guy Scott Evennett. While we may have featured Scott a fair few times before here at DMARGE, with articles relating to his arduous workouts, one of his latest Instagram posts takes a more reflective path.


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Instead of showing us how to train military style, Scotty tells us it can be incredibly beneficial to take a step back and take a good look at your body – accompanied by an image of himself looking more shredded than ever.  Claiming it’s “been a minute since I’ve selfie like this [sic]”, the retired special ops soldier adds the caption,

“It’s so amazing how much your body reflects the amount of attention you give it. Like anything in life. Put it up higher on the priority list, connect it to a higher cause, an emotional purpose and well thought out plan. And you’re cooking with gas baby.”

That first line will be relevant for many of us right now, as our bodies will be a clear indication of how we’ve spent the quarantine period. Australians will be able to do something about theirs sooner, with gyms set to reopen within the next week, but other countries who have taken a more lax attitude to their health will want to heed Scott’s advice and take a good look in the mirror.


One user, Karen, is in agreement with Scotty, posting the comment, “Totally agree. I never gave up once gyms shut. Changed my training didn’t eat like a dick head. Then walked back into the gym on Wednesday and lifted heavier than when they closed.”

Not only does Scott’s advice prove that exercise is beneficial for your body’s health, but it backs up claims we’ve made before, revealing that it can incredibly important for your mental health, too.

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