Drake Debuts Outrageous $200,000 'Biker Rolex' In Typical Baller Fashion

Blast from the past.

There’s a lot you can get up to in the back of a Maybach. But we’ve never seen a ‘biker Rolex’ debuted in one before.

Thanks to Aubrey Drake Graham, aka Champagne Papi, one of the biggest musicians on the planet, worth a cool 170 million USD, now we have.

The chart-topping Canadian’s got a taste for the finer things, and already boasts an extensive watch and jewellery collection, including a huge Stone Island chain, blinged-out Piagets and Jacob & Co timepieces, and huge Toronto Raptors NBA Grand Final winner commemorative rings.

His latest flex? Drake posted an Instagram story showing off an icy custom ‘Rollie’ whilst enjoying a beautiful summer’s day out on the road.


Relaxing in the back of an extremely luxe Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Landaulet, Drizzy’s clearly proud of his latest watch, which appears to be a Rolex Day-Date that’s had some serious work done.

Firstly, the Rolex has a bezel chock-full of baguette-cut diamonds, arranged vertically. The Day-Date is available with a baguette bezel but the factory arranges their diamonds horizontally.

Arranging the diamonds vertically cleverly imitates the common fluted gold bezel that comes standard on the Day-Date – whilst adding at least twice the amount of diamonds that a normal Day-Date baguette bezelled model would have.

Secondly, Drake’s swapped out Rolex’s classic ‘President’ bracelet for what looks like a Chrome Hearts-inspired solid gold number, with bejewelled cross motifs.

Chrome Hearts is a cult LA-based accessories brand, known for their Gothic, biker-inspired motifs. Hugely popular in the 90s, they’re famous for their luxe leather jackets, sunglasses and jewellery. Drake’s been a fan of Chrome Hearts for a while, having been spotted wearing one of their denim pieces court-side at a Raptors game.

It’s hard to put a price on Champagne Papi’s new watch – after all the customisation, it would be easily worth over 200,000 USD (289,000 AUD). It’s some insane stunting from the hip-hop superstar, who’s gearing up to release his highly-anticipated sixth studio album this North American summer.

He can also be spotted flexing a diamond-encrusted crucifix, as well as trying on an 1017 ALYX 9SM x Audemars Piguet Royal Oak later on in his Instagram Story, just for good measure.

Clearly, life is good.

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