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Jessica Chastain One Ups Stanley Tucci In ‘Controversial’ At-Home Celebrity Cocktail Game

Throwing the rules out the window…

2020 has been bleak for most of us, but for bon vivants it’s been an unexpected blessing, as Hollywood actress Jessica Chastain has shown this week.

The Pandemic has turned us all into homebodies – pubs and clubs are closed; social distancing means you can’t have big parties or gather in large groups; and working from home means we don’t have much time to relax anyway. But enjoying a drink or two in the comfort of your own home? That’s another story.

A recent report by the Australian National University has come to a conclusion no doubt you’ve arrived at yourself: Australians are drinking more during lockdown. Maybe it’s because alcohol is a disinfectant (but don’t go drinking hand sanitiser, you mongrel). Perhaps it’s because the stress of lockdown has got us reaching for the bottle.

Regardless, many around Australia and the world (cue: this video of New Yorkers sipping cocktails as protests rage in the background) have taken advantage of The Bat Kiss to scrub up on their home cocktail-making skills – celebrities included.

Enter: American actress and producer Jessica Chastain, who shared a hilarious video of her making ‘cocktails’ at home, serving up Teremana tequila and lime to her house guests on a glorious Californian summer’s day last Friday 24th – highly appropriate, seeing as the 24th of July was National Tequila Day.

With Australia in the grips of winter and facing a second round of lockdowns, we’re pretty envious of Chastain’s party. Rounds of fine tequila while relaxing in the pool? It’s not exactly traditional (we’d argue drinking tequila anywhere other than a dodgy dive bar defies convention) but damn – sounds fun.

Teremana is a brand of small-batch tequila founded by action star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson that’s fast become a favourite of tequila aficionados. The Rock was clearly pleased to see Chastain share an unofficial endorsement for his new business venture, reposting her video with a friendly caption.

Big Teremana toast 🥃 and big bear hug to my buddy and spirit animal Jessica Chastain. Next Chastain summer groove, I’m crashing this party and bringing my pick up truck, french toast and wildly inappropriate jokes 🤣Cheers, y’all 🤙🏾🥃🖤

We’re not sure how much mixology is required to make Chastain’s ‘quarantinis’, but we wouldn’t turn down a sip. As we mentioned, she’s also giving fellow actor Stanley Tucci a run for his money, who courted controversy earlier this year sharing his ‘sacrilegious’ Negroni recipe on social media.

Salud, Jess.

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