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This $60 Sustainably Made Portable Grill Will Change The Way You Camp & Cook Forever

Ethical edibles.

Admittedly, camping isn’t for everyone. But for those that love spending nights under the stars in the great outdoors, there’s nothing better. Of course, the whole experience is made even greater when you can cook up a decent feast, but many happy campers are restrained to using a portable gas bottle upon which to place a small saucepan. 

You’re never going to trouble Gordon Ramsay with such a setup, but Fire & Flavour has a portable grill that will allow you to show off the chef you truly are. Called the Hero Grill, this eco-friendly portable grill designed to be used outdoors comes with a bed of instantly-lighting charcoal.

Once lit, simply wait 10 minutes and you’ll be cooking up more than just the standard rice and beans for your campmates in no time. And don’t worry about overcooking anything, as an included thermometer will let you know how hot your cooking skills are. 

The tray that holds the charcoal is completely compostable and the grill itself is reusable for hundreds of camping expeditions, and you’re even supplied with a spatula made from bamboo. And all this for just US$60?!

Sustainably seared steaks? Sign us up. 

Buy The Fire & Flavour Hero Grill $60

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