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The $29 Polo Shirt Australian Golf Pros & Tennis Bros Can’t Get Enough Of

Look and feel fresh, on a budget.

Partaking and competing in sport isn’t always just about how well you can play; it’s about how good you look whilst doing it. Feel free to disagree with us on that one, but we know we’re right. Looking good on the court or on the green is imperative to earning yourself the respect of your fellow players and members.

What you also want from your sportswear, are fabrics designed specifically to keep you cool while still allowing you to perform at your highest level. That is exactly what Uniqlo’s Dry-EX polo shirt is designed to do, and at just $29.90, you’ll be a fool not to stock up on them.

Uniqlo is no stranger to producing high-quality clothing for low-prices. The Japanese retailer is a favourite of ours here at DMARGE, but we think this polo is one of the standout pieces in the current collection. The headline feature of this polo shirt is the brand’s proprietary Dry-EX fabric, which has been developed to effectively wick sweat away from your skin, absorb it in an instant, and relieves the shirt of it thanks to ultra quick-drying properties (it dries up to 50x quicker than regular cotton).

Better still, Uniqlo has used recycled plastic bottles to help create the Dry-EX fabric, so you can look good and feel good about doing some good for the environment, while anti-odour properties keep you feeling fresh while looking fresh.

It’s available in four gradated colours, or nine block colours, all of which are golf and tennis club-approved.

We can’t think of any better-value sportswear clothing on the market right now, so we suggest you get your orders in quick before the Australian summer hits. You wouldn’t want to be a sweaty mess by the 8th hole now, would you?

Buy The Uniqlo Dry-EX Polo Shirt $29.90

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