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This Luxurious $58 Bathrobe Will Make Anywhere Feel Like A Hotel Escape

Make your home feel like a hotel.

With a global pandemic in full swing, it’s pretty safe to say we won’t be travelling far and wide for quite some time to come. Obviously, a lot of us miss this, not just those with an insatiable appetite for exploring unknown lands. Personally, i’ve never been that excited by the prospect of a ‘staycation’ but, the idea does sound better as travel restrictions seem to be perpetually extended. Then again, why do a staycation, when you could just turn your home into a hotel? It may seem a little silly, but the idea may give a small break from the unappealing prospect and reality of quarantining, self isolation and social distancing. But how would one turn their home into a hotel anyways? Well this robe from House Babylon is the ideal starting point.

I’m sure you are or were familiar with the joy of donning a hotel robe and swanning around your room in the matching slippers. It is almost as if it is compulsory when staying in a lavish hotel to do so, and hence to begin transitioning your home to such, you’ll need a mighty fine robe and House Babylon’s robe makes a compelling argument for itself. Made from Turkish Cotton, it is not only luxurious and comfortable, but also highly durable, enabling you to live out your hotel and travel fantasies time and time again. It’s also available in this this super cool ‘cash’ green colour that’s sure to impress any other hotel guests you may run into. Alternatively, you can go for a more traditional white number.

Priced at $58, we’re adamant that you’ll get a good return on enjoyment and comfort out of your purchase.

Buy Babylon House Bathrobe $58

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