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This $40 Merino Wool Face Mask 4-Pack Is The Most Stylish Way Of ‘Staying Safe’

Stay safe in style.

These days, a mask is really a no-brainer. Anything that is this easy and simple, that helps reduce the impact and spread of the global pandemic is an easy win and something we should all be doing to ensure we can get back to life as we knew it. Huckberry’s latest Merino Wool mask may be the best we’ve seen yet.

There are three key issues with the surgeon masks you see people wearing out and about. Firstly, they’re taking away from the resources of hospitals who desperately need PPE for their staff. Secondly, they aren’t the most stylish of face wear. Thirdly, they’re really only a one use item and not changing them regularly reduces their effectiveness and can be bad for your skin. Huckberry’s Merino wool mask is the solution to all of the problems presented by traditional surgeons masks. Since they’re not medical grade, purchasing them isn’t taking away from the supply of hospitals and medical institutions. The Merino and cotton layers however, helps minimise the spread of bacteria and has moisture wicking properties much like surgeon masks. They’re also rather stylish thanks to a fitted shape and they can even be machine washed to ensure they’re clean and can be reused.

Evidently, these Merino face masks are the ideal way for you to stay stylish and safe out there in the current climate and priced at $40 for a four-pack and the fact that you can wash and reuse them, makes them easy on the wallet too.

BUY NOW $40 for 4

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