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Shia LaBeouf Spotted Committing The Ultimate Men’s Activewear Crime

Hopefully he’s not chasing you…

Say what you like about Shia LaBeouf’s personality, acting or activism – but the man’s got a sense of humour, and he knows how to dress.

Whether it’s effortlessly rocking military-inspired looks or scrubbing up in Gucci suits that are crisper than a starched napkin, the enigmatic actor normally puts a lot of thought into his ensembles.

However, the ‘revealing’ outfit he was spotted in yesterday is a little more lowkey – yet the man makes it work, lending further credence to the celebrity-led athleisure trend that more Australian men ought to get amongst.

Going for a jog in his Pasadena neighbourhood, the 34-year-old Los Angeles native sported a U.S. Mail ‘dad cap’, a Harvard University t-shirt, Brooks trainers and Nike compression tights – sans shorts.

Credit: Getty Images

While the outfit’s a little tight for our liking, it breaks an activewear boundary ripe for the romping: the so-called ‘necessity’ to always wear shorts over your compression tights.


Think about it: other than stopping those who are insecure about their own masculinity mocking you for looking like a ‘yoga chick’ or asking the never-hilarious ‘forgetting something?’, shorts have no practical value when worn over your Skins.

Another celebrity who’s on the same wavelength as LaBeouf is LeBron – ‘King James’ shared a photo of himself working out in nothing but some compression shorts (and his signature basketball sneakers, of course).

While women have been wearing unadorned activewear for yonks (even when not working out, which is perhaps missing the point) men haven’t been quite as keen to embrace skin-tight style. LaBeouf is somewhat of a fashion bellwether, however, so perhaps it’s time to get over the stigma of feeling we must wear shorts over compression tights.

That said, LaBeouf’s got a lot on his mind at the moment, so maybe it’s not as intentional of a fashion choice as it seems. The actor is facing misdemeanour charges over the alleged theft of a man’s hat, after a nasty scuffle he had a few months ago, the Los Angeles Times reports.

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