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This $279 Dive Watch Is The Affordable Alternative To The Rolex Submariner

Get the look for a lot, lot less.

Since 1953, the Rolex Submariner has arguably been the world’s most iconic dive watch as a result of its breadth of capabilities and simple, yet gorgeous design. Having been updated recently this year, there is a lot of hype around the watch, but if you can’t stretch to the A$11,400 asking price or more likely are on a decade long waiting list, this US$279 Timex, might be the perfect alternative.

Featuring a black unidirectional rotating bezel, black dial and luminescent markers all packaged into a 40mm stainless steel case, it’s safe to say it doesn’t look a far cry from its Rolex counterpart. It is also powered by an automatic movement, however, the Timex’s is made in Japan, making it dependable and accurate. This is all held on by a classy and comfortable stainless steel bracelet that almost looks like a scaled down version of Rolex’s infamous Jubilee bracelet. There are an array of small details that really add to the character of the watch, including a red seconds hand, a unique ‘T’ hours hand and the luminescent paint in off white gives the watch a look of ‘patina’ which is ever so desirable these days.

Whether you’re heading out to sea or doing some ‘desk diving’ the Timex M79 Automatic could be the perfect companion and for $279, it’s very reasonably priced.


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