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Score Up To $150 Off Theragun Massage Guns & Say Goodbye To Muscle Pain This Black Friday

DOMS Be Gone.

Constantly find yourself unable to move the day after a monster gym session? Don’t have the time to visit a spa for an overpriced massage? Like buying new gadgets that get used for the first week then left to gather dust? You need to jump on Theragun’s Black Friday sale right now.

Theragun is perhaps the best-known brand of massage gun, an increasingly popular tool used to aid with recovery after a workout and to help warm up muscles before a session, and right now you can save up to US$150/AU$200 across Theragun’s entire range.

The largest saving is to be had on Theragun’s Pro model, which has the most powerful motor for 60lbs of muscle pummelling force and is ultra-quiet, so won’t be asked any suspicious questions from the other room. Moans and groans are at your discretion. You also get a rotating arm that’s not available on other models and a complete set of attachments to target specific areas.

Right now the Theragun Pro can be yours for US$449/AU$699, instead of the usual US$599/AU$899.

Theragun’s other models: Elite and Prime, can be yours for US$299/AU$499 or US$224/AU$399, representing savings of US$100/AU$150 and US$75/AU$100 respectively.

These deals will only last until 1st December 2020, so be quick, grab yours and kiss muscle soreness goodbye.

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