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Australian Fitness Guru’s ‘Unique’ Method Of Increasing Gains Has The Internet Divided


Tim Robards is an Australian fitness icon. Whether you know him as Australia’s first Bachelor star, part of the cast of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here or whether you remember him from Neighbours, these days you’re more likely to look at Robards more as a workout fiend and entrepreneur more so than an actor.

Robards’ fitness app The Robards Method has been downloaded all over the country, featuring a fitness program designed to help you build your best body, including workouts which can be done anytime, anywhere, generally within about 25 to 40 minutes.

Robards consistently takes to Instagram to practice what he preaches, inspiring others to do the same. Today is no different: Robards this morning posted a video showcasing a rather inventive workout technique – using his baby as a weight vest.


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“We did 50 chins, 50 dips… in 12 mins,” Robards captioned the video. “Elle bet me I couldn’t do it so we chipped away 2 at a time with the clock counting down… I’m sure she was gaining weight as we trained.”

Comments are already flowing in. Some are impressed by his ingenuity: “Cute weight vest.” Others question whether it was a risky decision for the kid: “Ooh nooo…good to be sportive but for her…not so good…#brain #growing.”

Other comments included: “Noooo to little,” and, “Just put her near u in bassinet, you don’t need to include her, in movement too young.”


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A post shared by Tim Robards (@mrtimrobards)

Other users were not so worried, challenging Robards to try again “when she’s bigger and heavier.”

The general sentiment, as far as we can tell, can be summed up by the following comment: “Great… Be careful.”

Whatever your take on the risks of using your baby as a weight vest (even in what appears a highly controlled environment), dips and chin ups with a weight vest hold a number of physiological benefits (for the one doing them).

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Compound exercises like these two will help you teach your muscles to work in co-ordination, helping develop functional core and upper body strength. Also: at a time of year like Christmas where family responsibilities tend to have many parents reaching for the wine rather than squat rack, it’s good to see Robards showing you don’t have to stop working out just because it’s silly season.

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