This $120 Bar Cart Is Perfect For Lounge Rooms & Kitchens

A man walks into a bar... cart.

Owning a bar cart has jumped in popularity over recent years, as it adds a touch of resplendent charm to any home. Plus, let’s be honest we all love a good drink, so why shouldn’t we be putting our impressive liquor collections out for stylish display? The only hitch is that bar carts can be expensive, but don’t fret! We’ve found this classic-looking bar cart that won’t break your bank.

Yamazaki, often hailed as the ‘Japanese Ikea’, have released a 3-Tier Kitchen Cart in a timeless black. Made in durable steel and with three-tiered shelves, this cart will easily support all of your alcohol and alcohol-related paraphernalia. The cart comes on wheels so you can roll it easily to wherever you please, which would come in super handy at your next party; your guests will be wildly impressed by your rolling bar service! But if you want to display your finest crystal cocktail glasses and you’re worried about the glass potentially smashing, the wheels have brakes so you can keep it perfectly stationary.

For only US$120, the 3-Tier Kitchen Cart is an absolute bargain that’ll elevate both your home and your current liquor cabinet.

Shop Yamazaki Kitchen Cart $US120

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