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Ibiza Beach Scene Sends Australians Wild With Envy

“I’ve never wanted to sit in a tin can for 21 hours so bad!”⁠

You might not have known it from walking from Bondi to Bronte last weekend, but Australia is in the midst of a pandemic.

With swathes of the country locked down, with Delta case numbers continuing to grow (despite said lockdowns); with international borders decidedly closed, we’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

Hence the inevitable frustration. Not only are we gaffer taped, but there’s no end date in mind.

And – much as most of us know we should be counting our lucky stars (a glance around the world shows, for most of us, things could be a lot worse) – when you’re scrolling through Instagram and something like the following image slaps you in the face, it’s hard not to grind your molars.


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A post shared by Aquabumps (@aquabumps)

Posted by Sydney-based photographer Eugene Tan (find him on Instagram at @aquabumps), the image shows an Ibiza beach in full swing in 2019.

He captions it: “One of my brothers is in Ibiza right now, where it’s stinking hot and open for business. He keeps sending me msgs. Great!”

He adds: “I was there in 2019 and loved it. I always thought it was a party island, but I was amazed at its natural beauty. Some of the most insanely beautiful beaches of the world exist there.”

“I drank two Mojitos right where I took this photo, slept under a tree on the right around midday. All acceptable behaviour in Europe whilst on a vacay without kids! Many beach-goers are nude – so you can do it all nude if you really want!”

Finally: “I’ve never wanted to sit in a tin can for 21 hours so bad!⁠”

The post was quick to inspire FOMO.

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Fellow Bondi-based photographer Amaury Treguer, who is from Paris, asked: “Were you naked when you slept under that tree? 🤔🤪 Miss Europe so badly atm.”


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A post shared by MORE THAN IBIZA (@morethanibiza)

Another Instagram user, @kevin.krautgartner, wrote: “Seems like an outstanding island.”

@boardsox, meanwhile, commented: “Sounds pretty damn good right now.”

Instagram user @nemdonnelly said: “😩😩😩😩 I want to go back ☹️ f- ck Covid !! FYI I’ve been twice and never stepped into a nightclub 🤓 but we did lunch hard !!! 🙊🤣🤣🤣.”

Another Instagram follower, @nugent737, shared an out-looking-in perspective: “We miss Australia. Hopefully one day your borders will be open again. We can travel but its a pain and there are hoops to jump through, test costs etc. The Worlds a mess.”

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Another clever clogs user, @jimwozinoz, pointed out the name of the beach: Cala Saladeta.

A browse through the Cala Saladeta hashtag and geotag on Instagram will give anyone brave enough to look even more FOMO.

Cala Saladeta ‘geotag’ top posts. Image: Screenshot by DMARGE.


You’ve been warned…

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