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Liver King Is The Man Getting Jacked, Living Like Our Ancestors

How much are you willing to change?

In today’s society we’re surrounded by more ways to escape reality than there are books in the Library of Congress. We can spend endless hours scrolling through various social platforms on our phones, consume fakes news article after fake news article, or even spend some time watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Point is, we live lives so far removed from those of our ancestors that we could go potentially go through an entire lifetime without living. While there may be a minority of people who love to live on the earth and reconnect with nature, the vast majority of us spend our days trying to seek the approval and validation of others by sharing selfies and checking ourselves into the latest restaurants and bars. That’s how it can feel, anyway.

One man, however, is on a mission to turn things around and get us back to living in similar ways to our ancestors, believing it to bring us a far more rewarding lifestyle that will make us happier and healthier. Calling himself the Liver King – real name Brian Johnson – the man who is built like an absolute brick sh*thouse has created The Ancestral Lifestyle.

Formed around 9 tenets, the self-proclaimed Liver King has created his Ancestral Lifestyle program because “The human body has been perfectly conditioned for an environment that no longer exists.” He further claims that “By living ancestrally, we overcome obstacles between ourselves and true health and happiness. We rewrite the mismatch between who we are and the environment in which we live.”

The 9 tenets include:

  • Sleep – improving the quality by winding down early in the evening, eating your last meal several hours before you go to bed and ditching the phone too.
  • Eat – remove processed foods, seed oils and liquid calories from your diet.
  • Move – Brian takes three 30 minute walks everyday; “The well-being that builds from balanced movement trumps the need for consumption based satisfaction.”
  • Shield – protecting ourselves from modern dangers such as wi-fi, fluoride and seed oils; “Dangers like these end up compounding and with an additive effect, they disrupt our hormones, metabolism and ability to get deep sleep.”
  • Connect – Take off your shoes next time you go for a walk and connect to the earth beneath your feet. This can help improve both your sleep quality and blood pressure.
  • Cold – Another to champion the use of ice baths, jumping into cold rivers and lakes, or even just taking a cold shower, Brian says we should expose ourselves to cold environments to help improve blood circulation and build our resilience to stress.
  • Sun – Mid-day sun gives us plenty of vitamin D, “which works synergistically with the other fat-soluble vitamins A and K,” found in liver and bone marrow.
  • Fight – While Brian doesn’t expect us to pick a fight with the next guy we see walking down the street, he means we should set ourselves goals and aspirations, and once we’ve achieved them, we’ll revel in the release of dopamine.
  • Bond – Referring to purpose, and how our ancestors made it their purpose to protect those around them by building shelter and hunting for food. Today, Brian admits we no longer need to worry about these things as much, but does say we should “put away the phones and just spend time with loved ones and friends… we’ve always needed each other… we still do!”

He goes into some further description on his website, and many of his teachings aren’t necessarily radical ideas, but when combined together they have the potential to bring you a more rewarding life.

As we’ve discussed before, sleep is incredibly important and when combined with a regular daily routine, including exposing our bodies to sunlight early in the morning to improve our circadian rhythm, we can build up our “biological resilience.”

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The ‘Eat’ component introduces some new ideas, however. “In the modern world, we choose processed foods and muscle meats over the most nourishing, nutrient-dense bits like liver and bone marrow,” the Liver King relates. So, while diets such as the carnivore diet – championed by the likes of Joe Rogan – can help you lose weight and, in Joe’s words, help you to “feel amazing”, the Liver King claims liver and bone marrow are far better for us – hence his pseudonym.

Of course, putting your body onto a carnivore, or ketogenic diet, will likely be seen as more appetising than engorging yourself on liver. But when you see just how jacked the Liver King is, and read his stories relating to how much he loves life, you may want to think about adding it to your meal plan. One thing is for sure, however, his body certainly seems to support the argument humans are indeed built to eat (at least some) meat. 

While we currently only have his word to go on, a quick glance at his Instagram account certainly encourages his methods, i.e. you can build yourself a bloody huge rig. If switching to liver and walking around without shoes can allow us to climb a rope without using our legs, or walk along with 150kg/350lbs worth of weight strapped to our body like it’s a walk in the park, sign us up.

Check out some of the Liver King’s incredible workouts in the video below

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