European Airport Adopts Social Distancing Strategy Other Airports Could Learn From

Green with envy.

Munich airport is encouraging people to keep a safe distance away from each other via the use of cardboard paper signs.

Images obtained by DMARGE show that Munich has opted for a greener looking approach to social distancing than Singapore, where it was recently revealed they were using what appears to be a plastic covering for middle seats.

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Munich, though, has taken what looks to be a more sensible approach.

Image Credit: DMARGE

Munich has also, it appears, started seeing an uptick in commerical passenger traffic again, after numbers dropped spectacularly in 2020.  An overview of annual figures of Munich Airport shows that passenger volume of commercial traffic fell from 47,941,348 in 2019 to 11,112,773 in 2020.

Watch TikTok user @regeneports show deserted scenes at Munich airport in 2020 in the video below.

It will also be interesting to see how the popularity of napping pods in airports increases (or decreases) in the coming years as travel volume returns to normal.

Watch TikTok user @always__kiki__ take you on a virtual tour of the beds in Munich Airport. 

In other travel news, various airlines, as we come out of this pandemic are ripping out business class seats to make way for the more profitable premium economy. Oh and the world’s best luxury hotel brands for 2021 have just been announced, too, for those in need of a little escapism.

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