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This Lufthansa First Class Seat Is Closer To The Front Than The Pilot’s

"When the first class seat you choose is in front of the captain."

German airline Lufthansa’s first-class is so special it will throw a wrench in your brain.

Ok, that may be an exaggeration, but is unique. One way it is unusual is that one of its first-class seats is closer to the front of the plane than the pilot’s.

That’s according to luxury travel content creator @will.luxurytravel, who recently took to TikTok to share what these seats, found on Lufthansa’s massive 747’s, look like.

“When the first class seat you choose is in front of the captain,” Will captioned the video (watch it above).

“The seat you choose matters.”

He then signals out seat 1k as that hallowed seat that is closer to the front of the plane than the captain.

2a isn’t bad either, with Will claiming it is “further from other passengers.”

“Both have a bed and this awesome view. Which would you choose?”

Not every one of Will’s followers was immediately sold. TikTok user @George_K1907 wrote: “You missed the fact that this is exclusive to 747s. On any other plane if you are in row one you are behind the pilot.”

“This is on Lufthansa First Class,” Will replied. “And at present the only F they fly is onboard the 747.”

Another commenter wrote: “Omg… 1K is not in front of the captain! In fact, the co-pilot is sitting on top of you!!” Will responded to this: “Incorrect. The cockpit is physically further back above the 1a/1k.”

Another commenter wrote: “Surely the view is pretty similar no matter whatever window you [are] next to.”

Will rejected this, writing, “Actually no, further back the plane you get seats missing a window, and obstructed wing views.”

Now you know: if you ever want a once in a lifetime experience, have a crack at seat 1k in Lufthansa’s first-class and enjoy the exclusivity.

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