13 Mind-Bending 3D Street Art Murals That Pop Off The Wall

3D Street Art

Combine environmentalism with art and you get NEVERCREW, a Swiss duo painting towering works of 3D street art around the world.

Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni have been developing their unique aesthetic of ‘surreal realism’ for two decades. Over the years their art has come in many forms, from sculptures to installations, but their most eye-catching pieces are their mammoth street art murals.

The NEVERCREW collaboration highlights some of the most serious issues facing humanity, including climate change, detrimental economic and social systems, and the exploitation of nature. The artists hope to spark conversation around these issues, inspiring viewers to contemplate and question what they believe, and take action for positive change.

Sea and sky are prominent themes in NEVERCREW’s murals. Polar bears, astronauts, and whales frequently star in their works – powerful reminders of the bounty of nature, and the potential humans have to harm it. View a selection of their intricately detailed, three-dimensional images above and visit the NEVERCREW website for more.