'Man-Whore' Has $400,000 Mercedes-Benz Trashed By Jilted Lover In Adelaide

It'll buff right out...

Some people have bad days and others are having a day like this unlucky bastard who screwed with the wrong woman. This Mercedes-Benz S63 ‘was’ worth a cool $400,000, however today it was trashed by a jilted lover with a spray can and baseball bat in Adelaide’s CBD.

Every man-whore has his day

The angry woman smashed up the car with the bat after bombing the car with the words “cheater”, “slut” and “man whore”. Angry much? Witnesses said the young woman gave zero f*cks as she trashed her ‘ex’ partners luxury Mercedes-Benz. You go, girlfriend.

It’s safe to assume the police will have no problem finding her… expect vandalism charges to be laid. As for the bloke, he’ll always be a low dog. There’s no cure for that, mate.

According to The Advertiser, it is believed the vehicle was only purchased last week. Ouch!

If you’re going to do something, do it properly


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