This Outrageous Ab Workout Guarantees Six-Pack Success


This Outrageous Ab Workout Guarantees Six-Pack Success

It could be argued that the phrase “no pain, no gain” is more relevant to your quest for a six-pack than any other fitness goal. Not because you should think pain is normal (always try to avoid that lest you injure yourself), but because it’s really damn difficult. Getting your abdominal muscles to not only increase in size, but to actually be seen beneath your skin, really is easier said than done.

Myriad fitness experts, personal trainers and pretty much anyone else with bulging belly muscles will disclose the ab and core workouts they perform in order to achieve their chiselled looks. But what might work for one, might not work for another.

We have very few doubts, however, that Darien “That Ab Guy” Johnson‘s ab workouts won’t give you the results you crave. You just might have to endure a few odd looks at the gym if you choose to follow his workouts.

Darien’s entire Instagram feed is taken up with videos of him performing various wild ab workouts that are just as painful to watch as, we imagine, performing them. But, like we said, no pain, no gain.

A recurring piece of equipment in many of his videos is the ab roller, a simple wheel flanked by two handles that can be used to put your abdominals under some series stress. Most normal people would use an ab roller on the floor, but Darien tends to enjoy using his on a treadmill.

In doing so, he will be putting even greater tension on his abs, to help counteract the resistance placed upon the ab roller by the moving treadmill. The slight incline from floor to treadmill will also be a series ab burner.

Other moves favoured by Darien include push-ups whilst holding the ab roller, and with added weight plates on his back.

In a separate video, Darien shows just how ridiculously strong his core is, by hanging off the end of an ab bench. Normally, with this piece of equipment, you lock your legs in place under the pads, and support your back on the decline bench section.

This is too easy for Darien, and instead, he chooses to lock his legs in place, and support himself using the strength of his core.

From here, he performs various weight lifting movements such as one arm barbell chest presses and front plate raises with twists.

Darien’s videos have attracted plenty of attention, with many users offering comments from praise to outright shock at the feats they’re witnessing.

Comments include, “AB *goat emoji*”, “My new god!,” “I said GAWD DAMN…..GAWD DAMN….” and “This man different.”

Darien’s ab workouts are certainly not what you would call conventional, but we can practically guarantee they will deliver results.

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