Abandoned Playboy-Themed Mansion From 1972 ‘Has Definitely Seen Some Stuff’

"If those walls could talk."

Abandoned Playboy-Themed Mansion From 1972 ‘Has Definitely Seen Some Stuff’

Image: @abandoned_southeast

Photos of an abandoned mansion from 1972 have sent social media users’ neurons flying, with images of leopard chairs, rotting hot tubs and an old pool shocking and amazing the Internet.

Images of an abandoned playboy-themed mansion from 1972 have left the followers of Instagram account Pubity picking their eyeballs off the floor.

Image: @abandoned_southeast

While some got all starry-eyed, others looked back on the era with mild disgust (“shine a blue light in there and it’s over”). One commenter wrote: “That place has definitely seen some s***” while another suggested: “You could literally snort the wallpaper and get zooted.”

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“The amount of clapping that went down…” one wrote, almost mournfully. Another comic genius said: “Where is this? Looks like an easy fixer upper.”

Image: @abandoned_southeast

Another commented: “Whenever there’s an abandoned building I feel like a signal goes out to the worst graffiti artists in the area.”

Further remarks included: “I wonder how many hidden doors and rooms they have that no one knows about” and “How does a property that big just go to s***?”

Other observations centres around the chandeliers (how are them… still there?”) and whether “this is a secret level of Tony Hawk Pro Skater.”

Image: @abandoned_southeast

The images comes from haunted relics of the past curator @abandoned_southeast and are geotagged to the location Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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Speaking to one of their followers, @abandoned_southeast wrote: “Last time I heard somebody went here the cops pulled them out at gun point and they spent the night in jail. Be safe!”

Image: @abandoned_southeast

One theory of the property is that it’s an old swingers palace called The Tiki Palace. According to Abandoned Spaces, “The Tiki Palace was supposed to be a dream home for its owner, Bill Hull. He was the owner of two strip clubs, The Castaways Club and Lion’s Den, located next to each other. Hull had his eye on Mission Ridge, overlooking the city, as a perfect spot for his dream home and party venue.”

“In 1969, Bill Hull hired architect Ed Ball to design Tiki Palace. The architect spent two years planning the most fantastic house in Chattanooga. Construction took 14 months. Finally, when the house was ready in 1972, about 10,000 people attended its open day.”

However, in 1973, Hull was apparently “found guilty of paying his friend, Larry Parker, to shoot his wife’s lover as he was leaving a rival club,” Abandoned Spaces writes. “The court proceedings lasted four years and ended with Hull being sentenced to 20 years in prison.”

“In 1977, charges of corruption were brought against him, although they didn’t stick. Then, in the 1980s, Bill Hull was found guilty of evading taxes at his nightclubs and also tax evasion in relation to his grandmother’s fortune, which she had acquired through trading in contraband whiskey,” (Abandoned Spaces).

This sent the dude bankrupt. Then, in 2008, he passed away. After that various people moved in and out of the place until it was left all on its lonesome, Abandoned Spaces claims. For a while it stayed in decent shape, then it started to fall apart, a victim of both vandalism and the ravages of time.

Is the original Playboy mansion abandoned?

We have had many people asking if the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills is in fact abandoned. Turns out it is. As far as we know it’s not being lived in. It is owned by Daren Metropoulos, the son of billionaire investor Dean Metropoulos, and is used for mostly corporate events.

The Los Angeles golf club recently opened its doors to the public, which happens to be next to the Playboy Mansion on the 14th hole.

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