Adelaide Opens Shagadelic Premium Lounge For Pre-Flight Luxury

SA's the place to be.

Adelaide Opens Shagadelic Premium Lounge For Pre-Flight Luxury

Image: Plaza Premium

You can’t beat that airport lounge feeling: you’re through security, bags are checked in, and you’ve got all the time in the world to take a hard-earned rest until your gate finally comes up. Now, the world-renowned pay-per-use lounge has arrived in Adelaide.

Chances are that if you follow DMARGE, you’ll already be aware of how important a premium travel experience is to us here: not only do we revel in business-class cabin overhauls, like those recently announced by Qantas and SWISS, but we also love an airport lounge

And so we rejoice, for Plaza Premium Lounge – the world’s largest independent airport lounge network – has finally emerged from its soft-launch phase to welcome customers at Adelaide International Airport.

The opening of the lounge is part of a huge and ongoing transformation at Adelaide Airport. Virgin Australia’s new lounge opened in 2021, and the construction of Qantas’ new Business Lounge is scheduled to begin later this year.

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The lounge, which has been semi-operational since mid-February, is now ready to fully cater to the needs of travellers flying out of the South Australian metropolis.

The sprawling 532 square-metre space can accommodate up to 137 guests and is located in the international wing of the building’s T1 terminal. It boasts a range of dining, lounge, and work zones, open seven days a week from 7am to 10am, catering to the regular morning rush.

Food options galore. Image: Plaza Premium

According to the design team, the lounge’s interior is inspired by the Australian way of life, with natural granite, marble, and travertine finishes complemented by dark wood and gold accents.

After passing through a long and luxurious “wine corridor”, flyers are welcomed to the main lounge and bar area where they can enjoy barista coffee, cocktails, and a variety of local and international dishes from the buffet. Vegan and vegetarian options are available if you’re that way inclined…

Perhaps the biggest and most pleasant surprise about the lounge is the relatively affordable entry cost: guests can purchase online one-hour entry for $39 or two-hour entry for $71. American Express Platinum cardholders have complimentary access to the lounge, obviously.

The walls are adorned with work by local artists. Image: Plaza Premium

High-speed WiFi and power outlets are available and, for an additional fee, guests can also book a shower with all the necessary amenities.

Though independent, and unaffiliated with any specific airline, it’s quickly expected to become the go-to lounge for many passengers. Despite the presence of big-hitting carriers like Air New Zealand, Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Singapore Airlines, Plaza has already become the preferred destination for many business class and frequent flyers.

All in all, it’s a pretty premium space and if Adelaide’s renovations continue as planned it could be set to overtake other major cities as the most-loved airport in Australia. Watch this space, because clearly SA’s the place to be…

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