Take A Peak Inside Airbus’ Most Luxurious Private Jet

Feast your eyes.

Airbus has given aviation enthusiasts a red hot glimpse at Acropolis’ epic ACJ320neo. It’s quite the sight. From spacious interiors (96 square metres of floor space) to showers, workspaces, dining spaces and full-on beds, it really is a must-see piece of engineering (not to mention, one of the private jets with one of the largest cabins in the world).

Airbus uploaded the above photos (check out our video montage of Airbus’ photos in the clip above) to Instagram on Tuesday, giving followers a glimpse into day 3 of this year’s Dubai Airshow.

The photos show off the elegant and spacious interior of the Acropolis ACJ320neo – an aircraft that features a delectable blend of furniture, materials, fittings and mood lighting which Acropolis Aviation claims: “evokes a sense of wellbeing” and “sets a new standard in terms of luxury, quality and comfort.”

The company also explains, on its website, that the ACJ320neo allows you to: “Stay connected inflight through [its] 19 individual iPads and four large TV screens in the cabin.”

Talk about a plane you could (basically) live in.

Acropolis Aviation adds: “The ACJ320neo redefines large cabin corporate jet standards… The spaces onboard include an open-plan forward lounge and an intimate rear lounge, separated by a mid-cabin conference/dining area.”

“At the rear of the aircraft is a private master bedroom with a king-size bed, as well as a luxurious en-suite bathroom featuring a large rectangular shower. The perfect space for 19 passengers to move about the cabin freely, arriving refreshed and relaxed at their destination.”

If that wasn’t enough, “A full galley enables our cabin crew to offer freshly prepared meals in flight,” the company adds of its own aircraft. “Whether you prefer an intimate dinner or want to entertain guests with a banquet-style meal, our menus guarantee that only the finest locally sourced ingredients are used.”

Airbus ACJ320neo compared to other private jets. Image: Acropolis Aviation

According to Airbus: “The ACJneo Family is up to four times the cabin size of traditional high-end business jets, with a similar external length and wingspan.”

Talk about plenty of room to spread out.