Blogger’s Alarming Business Class Ritual Is Spreading Faster Than Coronavirus

Stop! Slammertime.

Blogger’s Alarming Business Class Ritual Is Spreading Faster Than Coronavirus

You could be pardoned for thinking there’s nothing worse than coronavirus on a plane. But then, you probably haven’t sat next to a business class bogan posing with fairy lights or attempting to break David Boone’s record for Martinis across the pacific.

Welcome to 2020.

Elitist as that sounds, if New Age business-class flyers get their way, these acts may become the norm rather than the exception.

But Perth-based travel blogger and owner of Flight Hacks Immanuel Debeer yesterday spoke exclusively to DMARGE and said this could be a good thing.

In fact, to send a “gentle f*** you to the elite we see in airline lounges and onboard” Immanuel has started doing a “business class slammer” (gulping a glass of champagne) before every flight.

“I’ve… added the compulsory slammer to my pre-departure checklist.”

While Hunter S. Thompson punished the bastards of the world with “ink and rage,” Immanuel is putting the world’s fly-flat snobs on notice with a bottle of Kruger.

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He has also assured DMARGE he is not an alcoholic, and that “business class slammers” are purely a political protest.


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While one of his friends was the first to start doing “business class slammers,” since Immanuel started broadcasting them on his Instagram story (and inviting others to do the same), we’ve noticed the trend has spread.

While Immanuel admits he has had negative feedback to his invitation to indulgence, he says “99% of the response is positive.”

“People see the fun in it; hence there are so many people jumping on the #slammerwagon. I think most people get that it’s a joke and a middle finger to the snobbery that is business/first-class travel and the elites it brings with it.”

Immanuel also told us he hasn’t yet had any negative feedback from flight attendants. What he has had is a bunch of other bloggers and Instagram users taking on the challenge.

From Austrian entrepreneurs…

… to Canadian travel hackers…

… to private users, various pointy end passengers got involved.

To gain a deeper insight into this Bubbly New World, we asked Immanuel a few questions. Here’s what he had to say.

On the easiest champagne to ‘slam’…

“The more expensive the champagne the more outrageous the slammer. When it comes down to it, all champagnes are easy to slam, however the bubblier the champagne… the tougher the job.”

On the ritual spreading

“I’d love to see more people jump on board the slammer train.”

On negative feedback to ‘slamming’

A picture speaks a thousand words, but a screenshot speaks millions.

Final thoughts from DMARGE

There’s nothing wrong with making the most of biz: You’ve paid for it and – as long as you’re not rubbing it in other people’s face as they trundle through to Economy – why not have a little fun?

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