Alejandro Speitzer: Latin America’s Most Underrated Style Icon

Latin cool.

The Bat Kiss has meant that many of the world’s biggest cultural events have had to be cancelled or postponed. In the music world, Coachella has been pushed back to October, Glastonbury went virtual and local big-name festival Splendour in the Grass had to skip a year. Art exhibits, performances of all varieties, sporting events and awards ceremonies have also all fallen victim to social distancing requirements.

Thankfully, the Venice Film Festival – the world’s oldest film festival and arguably also the world’s most glamorous – albeit in a “more restrained format,” according to its organisers, the Venice Biennale – is still going ahead. The 77th Annual Venice International Film Festival, currently being held from the 2nd to the 12th of September, has seen the rich and famous descend upon the City of Bridges to enjoy a spot of cinematography, Venice’s particularly good weather and always-pleasant sights, and we’re sure a cheeky Negroni or two.

Film festivals like Venice’s are always a great chance to see the latest fashion trends, as exhibited by well-heeled attendees. Indeed, that’s another casualty of COVID: fashion. No events means no reason for people to dress up, therefore there’s been a drought in fashion news. So we’re doubly excited to see what attendees whip out for the occasion.

A clear sartorial highlight of the Venice Film Festival so far has been Alejandro Speitzer. The Mexican telenovela and film star isn’t well-known in Australia, but he bloody ought to be: the man’s one of the crispest dressers out at the moment and might just be Latin America’s most underrated style icon. Speitzer’s Venice red carpet look is a perfect case study in his understated, classy taste.

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Putting a spin on the classic tux, Speitzer’s blazer features a subtle, dark navy pattern, contrasted by textured lapels and a rather exxy floral diamond brooch. He also keeps things smooth with a rose gold Bulgari Octo Finissimo ultra-thin dress watch.

It’s a debonair look that combines traditional red carpet style with just a hint of Latin flamboyance, that wild diamond piece a particularly unexpected but refreshing accessory.

The 25-year-old screen star doesn’t just scrub up for big events, either: he’s a pretty consistently good dresser.

Take this photo he shared to Instagram where he’s in ‘quarantine’ enjoying a glass of red, relaxing at a vineyard. Wearing a tank top under a light linen button-up noragi (a Japanese-style shirt), with a long skull pendant and horn-rimmed glasses, Speitzer’s surprisingly elegant yet comfortable warm-weather look is a masterclass in 2020 fashion.


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One advantage that Australians enjoy from a fashion perspective is that because our seasons swapped with the Northern Hemisphere, we can see how Europe / North America / Asia / etc. is dressing six months ahead, and pick and choose the winning looks for when the weather comes around here.

However, maybe we ought to be paying more attention to other Southern Hemisphere fashions, too – like those in Latin America.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, you need to constantly be expanding your style inspirations, looking across the globe for tips and tricks. Add Alejandro Speitzer to your lookbooks ASAP.

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