Alfa Romeo Venture Into Menswear With Their First Ever Suit

In what stye? Italian. And how about the lining? Tactical.

Alfa Romeo Venture Into Menswear With Their First Ever Suit

Yes, as in the sartorial suit. And the lining? Tactical. Okay, whilst it might not stop a flurry of bullets like John Wick’s attire, the Italian car maker’s first foray into fashion does come with some functional pedigree.

Alfa Romeo teamed up with British suit company Hawes & Curtis to develop their all-weather high performance suit which is directly inspired by the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. The suit is made from a technical blend of Italian wool coated in water repellant to give it the ‘all-weather’ credentials.

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The reasoning behind this unorthodox move into fashion comes as homage to the vehicle’s all-weather mode drive system which comes standard in the car alongside its ‘Natural’ and ‘Dynamic’ modes. The suit makers hope that their advanced suit will easily brave the eclectic London weather during the warmer seasons with rain still possible on hotter days.

Alfa Romeo’s most dapper will also be treated to a host of accessories and suiting details including red contrast stitching, carbon fibre buttons, Alfa branded pocket square, cufflinks, lapel pin and tie bar.

The bad news? It’s only a concept suit for now and Alfa have no plans to make it an off-the-rack item. Sad face-Italian hand gesture.

Would you buy the Alfa Romeo suit? Watch the promo below and let us know.